Success Stories

Tom Zanca's Sci-Fi short script, "Standoff", has received five awards to date:

“Standoff” is a 10-minute script that shows the influence the popular 1960's Rod Serling TV series, Twilight Zone, had on Tom's Film/TV writing career. The concept for the script came from the rash of news reports about the growing gene-editing abilities of scientists.

Logline: A distraught scientist known for advancing human gene editing decades ago holds his grandchildren hostage in a tense standoff with negotiators over the true implications of his work.

"True Stories" is an ebook series that Tom created for Konica Minolta when the company was looking for fresh ways to promote some of its key products. The ebook repurposes data that the company has already collected:  product specifications and customer success stories. 

"This way," Tom explains, "Customers and prospects are not only getting important product specifications, but they're also learning how some actual customers have used the product to their benefit — all in a simple, easily digestible ebook that's about 10 to 15 pages long." The company distributes the ebooks via digital marketing platforms, as giveaways at trade shows, etc. 

And because the books are all created in-house, there is no cost to produce them.



Tom was part of a three-member team named a 2017 Konica Minolta Global Transform Award Finalist for a digital marketing campaign, "Driving Leads Through Marketing Automation", by Konica Minolta, Inc. (KMI), the technology leader's parent company. Tom was the writer for the successful campaign that generated leads for the company's nationwide salesforce.




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